10 INGENIOUS Everyday Inventions To Improve Your Life

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Necessity is the mother of invention. If humans need something, they will innovate. Here are 10 awesome and somewhat recent inventions and innovations that will definitely improve your life.
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Be Amazed at these 10 Awesome Inventions that will improve your life! American Football Saver – Brain injuries concerning American football players have been a growing concern that is now predicted to become a crisis . The Third Thumb – Opposable thumbs are the hallmark of dexterity that have helped us humans to thrive… so, why can't we have another one of them?'The Third Thumb' makes this idea a reality by introducing another opposable thumb. Self-Lacing Shoes – The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 is a rather old, nifty little shoe introduced roughly two years ago with a single concept in mind: to develop a pair of space-age modern shoes that are fully optimized for convenience and ease-of-use . Solar Roofing Tiles – Nothing ruins a robust, well-tiled roof than a gaudy black grid of solar panels completely blocking it from view.

Anatomy in a Shirt – Virtuali-Tee is one of the newest, and perhaps smartest applications of modern AR. The Smart Mug 2.0 – This is Another product added to the wondrous world of the Internet of Things. It's a smart mug that will keep your favourite drink at the perfect temperature. Real-Life Star Trek Turbolifts- Turbolifts in Star Trek are the staple travel mode within its starships. Different from our limited up and down elevators, these travel chambers of the future are capable of moving in any direction within the ship, which allows very flexible and efficient point-to-point transport. The Calorie Scanning Machine – The CaloRieco is a recent concept machine introduced by Panasonic as the next generation dietary monitoring and control tool. The Personal Air Tank – The Scorkl is a Kickstarter project that introduces a small tank of air that is designed to be both portable and easy to use. The Automatic Toothbrush – Instead of the traditional stick and bristle approach, the Amabrush uses a special antibacterial silicone mouthpiece that has multiple rows of soft-angled bristles.


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