Creatures More Terrifying Than Megalodon Living In the Mariana Trench

Do Megalodon exist in the Mariana Trench? We may never know, but there are some strange creatures down there.
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Be Amazed at these creatures living in the mariana trench! The Mariana Trench is found in the western Pacific Ocean, 124 miles away from the crescent-shaped archipelago known as the Mariana Islands. Given its unique geographic features, the Mariana Trench presents several factors that make it hard for life to exist. For one, sunlight cannot reach these depths .
Third, given its lack of sunlight, it’s very cold down there with a temperature range of 4 degrees to negative 1 degrees Celsius. First Up, this creepy fish dwelling in the Mariana trench known as thefangtooth. It’s a beryciform fish, which means that it’s carnivorous and lives in deep, nocturnal habitats. Juvenile fangtooths stay at a depth ranging between 200 and 2000 meters, but adults can go much deeper, reaching as far as 5,000 meters .
Apart from the small but freaky fangtooth, there are other creatures such as the Mariana snailfish and the benthic comb jelly that are known to survive in waters as extreme as the Mariana trench, but none of them are as terrifying or bizarre as the megalodon , an extinct shark species that averaged a frightening length of 10 meters, about the same as a T-Rex. First up is a carnivorous marine reptile that is probably the most frightening creature that ever roamed the seas. At over 6 meters in length, creatures of the liopleurodongenus were apex predators that ruled the waters during the middle and late periods of the Jurassic era. In addition, liopleurodon had eyes designed to ambush its prey from below. Their eyes were pointed upwards to see the silhouette of their prey.
A second prehistoric monster that may have well lived in the Mariana Trench is this giant marine Mosasaur known as ahainosaurus , which scientists think grew up to 12 meters long – about the same length as an averagemegalodon. Though we’re unaware of most creaturesthat roamed or are roaming the Mariana Trench, certain sharks and cephalopods have been identified to live in similar deep-water habitats. Up next, here’s a shark-like fish that lived 290 million years ago and measured about six meters long. Helicoprion could have lived in the Mariana Trench for several reasons.
Furthermore, its diet is similar to the hainosaurus’s since it also ate fish and cephalopods. If it hunted down a deep-sea fish or squid that lived in the Mariana Trench 290 million years ago, it would have likely sliced into its prey’s body using its serratedsaw-like teeth .