Lucky Fishermen Who Caught Never-Before-Seen Creatures

Fishing's a popular sport. Here are some of the most unique creatures that have ever been reeled in by lucky fishermen from the sea.
What if MEGALODON Sharks Were Still Alive?
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Be Amazed at these lucky fisherman catches! Swallowtail 0 What you're looking at isn't some Chinese new year lantern. A rare type of oarfish – This fish, caught in Norway, is a type of rare oarfish, a long; strange creature that is sometimes called ‘The King of The Herrings’. Siamese Twin Pike – Pike are common fish present all around the world, but this one, caught in Lake Nippissing, Canada, appears to have two bodies connected to one single head. White Lobsters – This lobster, caught in Maine, has all the qualities of a normal crustacean apart from one key difference, Its translucent. Coelacanth – The coelacanth is a fish as hard to find as its name is to pronounce. Frilled Shark – The frilled shark is what you’d draw if you were asked to come up with some sort of nightmare water-snake. Piebold Tarpon – This fish that has kept angling experts enthralled since it was discovered. Faceless Fish – An unbelievably blue parrotfish – Stoplight Loosejaw – This creepy looking thing is a type of deep-sea dragonfish. Two-toned lobster – Back to lobsters again! Cyclops Shark – This one-eyed fish looks so much like a new Pixar character, it wasn’t long before the internet was crying ‘hoax’.

Armoured sea robin – So-called for their impressive set of scales, armoured sea robins crawl along the ocean floor instead of swimming, using fin-spines to guide them. Colossal Squid – Colossal squid are extremely rare, often only found washed up already dead due to the fact they live in deep water. Amazing orange koi – Ever wonder what happened to that goldfish you flushed? Albino Catfish – This fisherman from Manitoba, Canada, made the catch of a career which has spanned over 30 years when he landed this albino catfish, thought to be a one-in-a-million catch. Blue Chain Pickerel – Chain pickerels in their usual form aren’t much to write home about. Blue Trout – Despite the fact that the colour isn't an advantage to animals who want to – you know, not be seen and then eaten – there sure are a lot of blue fish around.

Golden Trout – Blue And Silver Mahi Mahi – In Mexico, mahi-mahi are called dorado, or “the golden one.” Swellshark – Sometimes you may wonder if nature is just trying to have a bit of fun at your expense. Black Lake Sturgeon – This black lake sturgeon looks more like the shadow of another fish that’s just off screen. Rare Golden Bass – The golden bass is so rare that academic articles are getting written about it. Megamouth Shark – A lot of creatures in the ocean have big, freaky mouths. Red Cornetfish – The only fish in this list that can be both eaten and used as a javelin, the Cornetfish is something very special.