Mutant Fish Taking Over Waters Around the World

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All around the world, bizarre mutant fish creatures are being reeled in, and it's doubtful that their captors would describe their catches as “normal”. Here are 10 Mutant Fish Taking Over Waters Around the World.
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Be Amazed at these Mutant Fish Taking Over Waters Around the World! Cyclops Shark: A bizarre discovery was made in La Paz, Mexico in the Sea of Cortez. A pregnant bull shark was caught, and its fetuses removed. Mutated Two-headed Dolphin: A two-headed, mutant dolphin washed up on the shore of Ismire on the west coast of Turkey. It's believed to have only been around a year old when it died, as it was only a meter long. Pug-Nosed Striped Bass: This mutation is fairly common in striped bass. Fish with Horns: A fisherman in Siberia was stunned when he reeled in two pike that had horns on the tops of their heads. Mutant Fish in Russia: A gigantic fish had been terrorizing locals in Siberia for months before it was finally caught.

Giant Fluorescent Blue Fish: Residents in Gaston County, North Carolina are trying to figure out what this huge fish is and where the video was taken. Russian Fish with Two Mouths – This fish is simply terrifying! It has one mouth on its face, one on its neck and a bizarre tail. It has a weirdly round body that shouldn't belong to a fish. Fish with human teeth: An emperor fish was caught by a schoolteacher in the West Papu region of Indonesia. The teacher was astounded to find that the fish had flat, molar-like teeth that looked human. The Monsterous Fish from Thailand: A Thai fisherman was out fishing and hoping to catch something worthy of a meal.