The Real Human Pup + 10 More People Living Strange Lives

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From a human dog to a real-life superhero, here are 10 people who choose to live in strange ways.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 people who choose to live in strange ways! Man lives in a sandcastle – Whenever you take a stroll on the beach, it’s hard not to notice enthusiastic kids building sandcastles who usually joke about one day living in one. For one man, this turned out to be real. Furries – The term “furries” is often associated with animal enthusiasts dressing up as overly-exaggerated animal mascots who should really belong at a sports event – however, there’s much more to the bizarre subculture. Real-life leopard in Scotland – Tired of the hustle and bustle of city-life, one Scottish man decided to live in complete isolation which is understandable if you also happen to look like a leopard.The real-life little mermaid – They say find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life and for one fortunate Australian, she does exactly that.

Superheroes not in comics – The idea of being a superhero is pretty cool but in reality none of us have the money or appeal to do it. The man who cried wolf – In fairytales, wolves are often depicted as aggressive, dangerous animals that you most certainly would not want to encounter during a walk through a forest on a Sunday evening. The barefoot sensei – There’s no denying the benefits of exploring a forest; fresh air, free food growing everywhere and a great place to read a book in peace. The record-breaking Lizard man – Getting a tattoo normally has a significant reason behind the decision; a permanent reminder for something that’s happened in your life or reminds you of someone close to your heart. Every dog has its day – To live life as a dog is appealing to say the least; not only do you get to pee in public but random strangers might even give you free food just because you look cute…