This Is The Smartest Human On Earth. You Won’t Guess What He Does.

The smarter you are, the more successful you'll be – right? But, Is a person's IQ really the most important factor oftheir success? Let's take a look at the smartest human on earth!
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Before I tell you about the most intelligent person in the world, and what he’s doing with his amazing gift, let's find out the science behind intelligence and success. One of the mostwell-known psychologists who studied intelligence in children, attempting to decode how a person’s success can be predicted by their IQas a child, was Lewis Terman. He set out to show that IQ was of central importance to achievement and attainment.
Mr. Langan is a prime example of how the link between intelligence and success is not as solid as Terman and other studies suggest. In fact, the popular notion linking natural talent to success is wrong, according to Journalist and author, Malcolm Gladwell as written in his book Outliers. A more accurate ‘model of success’, is dependent on numerous factors, as you’re about to find out.