Top 10 Coolest Inventions Your Kitchen Doesn’t Need

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There are loads of really cool kitchen gadgets and inventions, but most of them are quite useless. From crazy egg gadgets to useless measuring appliances and slicers, here are some of the most useless kitchen gadgets!
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Be Amazed at these coolest kitchen inventions! Butter Spreaders – According to the folks at Norpro, the Butter Spreader won’t dirty your knife, butter dish, or hands. What they don’t explain is how you stick butter into the Butter Spreader without dirtying something else –like…. your fingers. Pasta Items – If you’re wondering how they could possibly reinvent the spaghetti fork, then wonder no more. Banana Slicers – Not sure why people need special tools other than knives to cut bananas with, but some apparently do. Pizza Items – Can’t stand using different items to cut pizza and pick it up with? Then try Dreamfarm’s Scizza .

Fork & Knife Chopsticks – Since Chinese and Japanese cuisines don't usually involve cutting up meat and vegetables into bite-sized portions, this next invention is completely bonkers. StemGem Strawberry Huller – This one has to be a Chindōgu because I can’t remember a time when strawberry stems were hard to remove. Just Crunch Cereal Bowl – Fed up with soggy cereal in the morning? Well you don’t have to put up with it anymore with the Just Crunch Cereal Bowl from Vat19. EggCuber – Don’t you just hate the way eggs roll over the place? Fortunately, there’s Egg Cuber! Simply cook your egg till it’s hard-boiled, peel it while still piping hot, stick it in till it cools, and voila ! Handheld Toasters – This handheld portable toaster by Korean designer, Been Kim, looks cool. Simply rub it on one side of your bread like an iron. Exhaust Burger – An even more useless invention comes from Iran. Roohollah Merrikhpour came up with a burger cooker you stick on your car’s tailpipe.