Top 10 Extreme Kids Playgrounds You’d Be Too Scared To Play At

Playgrounds can be dangerous, but not as dangerous as the playground coming up! So, let's explore the Top 10 Most Dangerous Kids’ Playgrounds.
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Be AMAZED AT THESE Extreme Kids’ Playgrounds You'd Be Too Scared To Play At! Trinity Play Park – Take a look at this legitimate photograph from the 1910s . Back before the two world wars it seemed children were a lot tougher than today. The Hand Built Waterslide
While you won’t find waterslides at most county parks, it’s hard to argue that they aren’t meant for children. Cementland – Saint Louis, MI – For years, an abandoned cement factory on the outskirts of Saint Louis served as the city’s dumping grounds. Barricaded Slide, Poland – Many of today’s slides are gentle slopes of brightly-colored plastic. CentriFury – Merry-go-rounds used to be a mainstay of American playgrounds. Grand Canyon Swing – Glenwood Caverns – Just looking over a canyon’s edge is enough to send some people into hysterics. Mieder’s Alpine Coaster – Modern roller coasters are the result of thousands of hours of tweaking, engineering, and rigorous testing.

Tyver, Russia – Let’s play word association. If I say, ‘scrap yard’, what immediately comes to mind? Bagjump Activity Center, Estonia – Stuntmen (and women) are pretty well-acquainted with the ‘whoomph’ of an air bag. The Grater Slide – Now for what looks like the craziest, and definitely most dangerous ride ever envisioned – but it comes with a smart and well thought out backstory – let me explain.