Top 10 Glass Tricks You Can Easily Do

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Glass is an amazing material. There are loads of amazing experiments and life hacks you can do with glass that you should know about! Here are some amazing glass tricks and life hacks!
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From making a prince Rupert drop, the explosive glass drop, to cutting a glass bottle with a price of string, there are many amazing glass life hacks out there! You can also perform various glass magic tricks, like making it appear as if a coin travels through the bottom of a glass. You'll also learn how to separate two glass bottles, as a sort of bar trick. You'll also learn how to suck up wine with a wine bottle!

its also easy to make glasses sing. Did you also know that you can actually cut glass in water? You can also use ninja rocks to break tempered glass. Did you also know that you can blow out the bottom of a beer bottle? You can also stretch the top of a bottle with a blowtorch!