Top 10 Most Amazing Ancient Treasures Unearthed

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Lots of amazing treasues have been unearthed and discovered in the world, but today we look at ten of the most amazing ones ever found!
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Most Amazing Ancient Treasures Unearthed! Farmer Finds 3.8 Million in gold coins – In 1992, Peter Whatley was a simple farmer in England who lost his hammer one day. The Xian Terra Cotta Army – Farmers in China also made an impressive discovery in 1972, when one of them struck the head of a statue with a shovel. The Cuerdale Hoard of Viking treasure – Workers in Cuerdale, in England, were just trying to repair an embankment on the south side of the River Ribble when they found the largest hoard of Viking silver pieces in history. Tillya Tepe Bactrian Gold – Northern Afghanistan is home to an archeaological site known as Tillya Tepe, which was excavated in 1978, shortly before the country was invaded by Russia.

Abbey Cluny finds – The Abbey of Cluny in France is home to one of the most significant archaeological finds in history. Since 2015, academics and students from the University of Lyon and CNRS have worked together to excavate the site. Huge cache of Crusader gold – This was one of the largest gold stockpiles ever was found in 2012, at an ancient castle named Apollonia, just north of Tel Aviv. Ancient Roman Treasures – Elsewhere in Israel, the port of Caeserea is home to an ancient shipwreck that yielded gold coins and statues. Ancient Greek masterpiece on tiny gemstone – This ancient discovery almost sounds like it's from one of those conspiracy shows on cable. In 2015, husband-and-wife team Jack Davis and Sharon Stocker from the University of Cincinnati ran an excavation near the Palace of Nestor in Greece. The Malagana Treasure – America isn't the only country to have a gold rush. Columbia had its own version in 1992, after a sugarcane farm worker at Hacienda Malagana was riding along on a tractor when the ground gave way. Mosaics and other treasures of Zeugma – Back in the third century B. C., Seleucus Nicator, or “victor,” created a settlement called Seleucia on the western side of the Euphrates River.