What Alien Life On Other Planets Would Look Like

What would alien life on other planets look like? Here's what scientists predict aliens on other planets would look like….
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Be Amazed at What Aliens on Other Planets Would Look Like! Planets like ours – In 2013, researchers working on the Kepler mission reported that, based on initial data, there could be as many as 40 billion planets the same size as earth in the milky way, of which 11 billion orbit stars similar to our own sun. Low Gravity Planets – Mars is the most likely planetin our solar system to harbour life, but it still sits on the edge of the habitable zone. Super-Earths – The vast majority of planets that have been discovered so far are Super-Earths- ones that are between 1.2 and 5 times the size of our own. Hot Planets – If the assumption is that life on other planets is carbon-based. In a Star – Stars are the hottest known places in the universe and exhibit temperatures that we can’t even conceive living within. Planets with different Stars – Not all stars are like our own, and planets surrounding different types could be host to very different types of life. Within a Brown Dwarf – Brown Dwarfs are objects in space that are between large planets and stars in size.

Cold Planets – We know from our own planet that life needs a certain amount of warmth to thrive, but would it be possible for organisms to develop on extremely cold planets? Water Planets – Of the thousands of exoplanets that have been discovered, many lie within the so-called ‘Goldilocks' zone of their star systems that would, in theory, allow them to support life- and it's thought that many of these could be completely covered in water. Dry Planets – Life as we know it could not exist on earth without the presence of water.