*NEW* Nykaa Nail Care range | Week Later

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*NEW* Nykaa Nail Care range | Week Later


After using all of the polish for a week. all my review is genuine thereby it may vary person to person, this is not a sponsored video.

1. 7-in-1 Benefits: its a must have if you don't apply polishes but wants to take care of nails and have healthy beautiful nails you can go for this, as it all in one benefits. It helps in growth and makes the nails strong.

2.Nykaa Going Strong Calcium Milk: this was my least fav of all because i believe there are better options in this range to go for, it did help my nails grow quickly.

3.Nykaa Rock Hard Nail Hardener: it helps in hardening of nails but it does not help in growth or splitting of nails my nails still split at the tip after using this for a week.

4.Nykaa Double Duty 2-IN-1 Nail Coat: it is a very thick as base coat and average as top coat i would not recommend to buy this.

5.Nykaa Nail Potion Nail Strengthener: great as base coat it is thin and does not disturb the nail polish applied over it. it truly helps to cure the split nails.

6.Nykaa Matte Power Matte Top Coat: Nice matte top coat this takes approx~ 1.50 mints. to dry completely, but when dried it gives nice finish last upto 3 days which is better than most of the matte top coat.

7.Nykaa Shine On Top Coat: one of the best top coat dry very quickly and smooth its a bit thick but its worth it, i would 100% recommend this top coat.

8.Nykaa Bright Side Nail Coat: t di worked and made my nails whiter but not very stronger whiter or if you have very extream yellow nails it would be hardly noticeable.

9.Nykaa Get Even Ridge Filler: Yes it did worked really good, i used it on my toe nails which are pretty rough and split from the tip and it worked really effectively and i would definitely recommend to buy this.

overall i would say 7-in-1 Benefits, Nykaa Matte Power Matte Top Coat, Nykaa Shine On Top Coat, Nykaa Get Even Ridge Filler are a must buy to have good and healthy nails.


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